The Couple

Enjoying a nice, sunny day outdoors in Missouri.
  • Sometime, Someyear. Mike and Steph meet at a company convention.  Steph has no memory of him.  Mike says she was hiding from him because he was “just another customer”.  Steph hotly denies this.
  • Sometime, Someotheryear. Mike is hired to work for the same company Steph works at.  They strike up a friendship based on mutual love for MMOs and Strunk & White.
  • New Year’s, 2007. Mike asks Steph out.  Whether this was a real date is a matter of debate, as they spent most of the “date” negotiating how they were going to date.  Because they were coworkers who spent a great amount of time together in meetings and design discussions, it was paramount that they kept a professional relationship separate from their personal one.  The one thing they both agreed on was that if it didn’t pan out they’d stay friends and remain civil to one another.
  • New Year’s Day, 2007. Mike and Steph go to see No Country for Old Men.  Based on their viewing, the movie receives the Motion Picture of the Year.
  • One weekend later. Steph made dinner for Mike.
  • February, 2008. Some coworkers have begun to figure out that something is up with Mike and Steph, even though they’ve been keeping their relationship a secret.
  • March, 2008. The couple discovers the Hermann Sausage Festival.  On Mike’s birthday, no less.
  • November, 2008. Mike moves in to Steph’s house. Most coworkers, by now, have it figured out.
  • February, 2009. Mike and Steph go to Mexico.  It’s overcast, but they spend time holding hands and playing in the surf anyway.
  • August, 2009. Steph accepts a job in California.  The couple spend many long nights in WoW playing together, proving that even when you’re apart, you can still be together as a Tauren Druid and Blood Elf Hunter.
  • February, 2010. Mike’s awesome employer makes arrangements to allow him to work as a remote employee.  Subsequently, Mike moves to California to be with Steph.
  • March, 2010. Mike proposes to Steph.
  • September, 2010. They set a date and a honeymoon location.  Wedding planning has already been underway well in advance because Steph’s Like That.
  • October, 2010. Mike gets a new job in San Diego County, and they move into a new place in San Clemente to help reduce commute time for him.  Coincidentally, San Clemente is where Steph lived from 6th to 12th grade.  In fact, their home is about 1/4 mile from the house she spent her teenage years in.
  • December, 2010. Steph writes this timeline.  Because bullet points are fun!

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